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Playcation – Tragedy to Track List

We have just opened up our lines to receive submissions from youth everywhere who are using arts music to inspire and motivate their peers.  All are encouraged to submit their works to for an opportunity to be featured on our website.

Today, we are featuring a young woman from the Motivational Edge program who was inspired to create an EP from her own personal battles. Here is her testimony:

“Hey Erace The Hate! I come from a small town in Florida where everyone knows each other. I grew up in a family where times were tough. Now, I use music to express emotions on how I feel. I am inspired by music. Back at home I was hurt and taken advantage of, and I lived a very hard life. I’m becoming a better person, I love writing music and expressing myself.

Playcation is about two best friends that are very close and express themselves through music. They want to let younger and older girls know that no matter what they go through fist fights or anything, never change on each other. This is a three song EP. Two of the songs are originally produced by Sergio Cortez. Be on the lookout for more music by following moed-radio!”


Listen and Enjoy!

Stay positive. Stay peaceful.

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