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Reesa Renee “Invisible”

The biggest advantage to writing and making music is the opportunity for self-expression.  For most artists, the music is personal therapy.  Some things are just easier said in song.

Reesa Renee had more pain to reelease in her newest song “Invisible”.  In 2007, she lost friends, Vernard Whitfield and Alycia Polzine, in a car accident.  This later led to depression and a more “quiet” Reesa Renee.  These same misfortunes hurt until they became the inspiration for Reesa Renee to continue the pursuit of her dreams.

“This video hits home for me in every aspect,” Renee writes. “I decided a long time ago that I would follow my heart wherever it led, and when I heard the music for this song, the lyrics just fell out.” In the song, she asks, “You ever feel so low, you can’t adjust to highs?” It’s a state of mind that many struggling with grief would recognize.

“It is my reality — depression is real,” Renee writes. “I can find myself experiencing ‘high’ moments” — like winning amateur night at New York’s legendary Apollo Theater and performing with Chuck Brown, Wale and Roy Ayers — “and still struggle with low moments. And that sucks too,” she writes. “Oh, to be human.”

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