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Rob Boyd Talks Financial Literacy | Success Is Simple

Success Is Simple:

“Success Is Simple” is a web series focusing on career and personal development.  Your co-hosts, Rob Boyd and Xavier Warren, are successful entrepreneurs sharing simple actions you can do to achieve success.  I got the chance to talk with Rob Boyd about the web series and his career as a financial advisor.


(Success Is Simple) The goal is to highlight ways for people to use their everyday resources and create new opportunities.  In each video, we simplify the strategies needed on the road for success.

Season 1 of “Success Is Simple” highlighted the qualities needed for success. But in the new season, Rob and Xavier are providing the details.

” This season is more of a how to; we sit down with the entrepreneurs that demonstrate the concepts we are trying to teach.” – Rob Boyd

Rob and Xavier are both a part of Team Empify, serving their community as financial coaches.  Team Empify consists of a large group of mostly college grads with a passion for spreading financial literacy. 983853_10203681976435291_2679283441934587276_n

Empify is “Empower and Modify” put together.  As a team, we want to empower and modify individuals in the community with self improvement and financial development. We promote leadership in the communities by teaching and showing individuals how to create a wealthier future.  Team Empify offers financial knowledge as the fundamentals to establishing the lifestyles that we’ve all dreamed.  A sound financial lifestyle is easily attainable by “upgrading and enhancing each person’s value of money.  We teach the understanding of budgeting, recognizing your mistakes with money, and how to fix them.” We have access to the top financial products, knowledge, and services that the wealthy use.  Our clients become better prepared for entrepreneurship, building and creating  legacy in their own right.

Team Empify is currently located in Atlanta, Raleigh, Washington Dc, Philadelphia PA

If interested in getting involved with Team Empfiy, reach out to Rob Boyd or Ashley Fox

Instagram: @therobboyd




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