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Sauce Remix | United Streets of America Tour

“The love of God is the only solution to the growing pain we see and feel across the land, and it’s time for change…join us as we promote peace, love, and unity.  You’ll find us in urban neighborhoods – project housing, street corners, and parking lots throughout the city.  ”

Erace The Hate artist, Sauce Remix, has decided to personally deliver his message to the streets of Kansas City, Missouri.  Tonight! May 9, they will kick-off a tour of sporadic musical performances on street corners across the Kansas City Metropolitan community.

This is a kick-off concert to support the tour that Sauce RemixKartez Marcel Addison and Jus B Marshall Jr. have come together to do.

Saturday, May 9th – 7pm @ League Of Lifestyles Studio

11517 Hickman Mills Dr., Kansas City, MO — FREE ADMISSION

Suggested $10 Donation

This isn’t the normal tour. No one is booking us, there are no lavish hotels, big pay checks, plane flights, stylist etc. This is just us, a sound system, our hearts, some water bottles, some educational material, and us going to the people.

This will include street corners, project housing, music stores, parks, and local businesses. Come help us kick it off!


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