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Should Parents Encourage Their Teens to Have Sex?

A recent Huffington Post blog post entitled, “How do you feel about sex and teenage sleepovers?” suggested that parents should help their teens learn “how to have sex well.” The argument was that it doesn’t matter what parents say; kids will be kids and that means having sex before marriage.  While most parents encourage their children to practice abstinence, this mentality is what drives the school’s sex education programs. An educational program that I bet is quite intense with the variety of sexual preferences to discuss these days. Personally, I can’t deny that I’ve fallen victim to this mindset which, according to research finds, isn’t true.  In fact, parental approval or disapproval has a powerful influence in their teen’s life when it comes to making decisions about sexuality and other issues. So what do you think?  If they’re not preaching “no sex before marriage”, should parents teach their children how to have sex? And I’m not talking about using condoms or taking the pill, I’m talking about how to have sex “well”.


Read the full article from the Huffington Post

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