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Support is Good For Your Health! Ask Bobby Pen

One of our favorite Eracists, Bobby Pen has been all over the DMV and east coast linking with the dreamers, artists, and success stories of our time.  Word on the street is DC is the fittest city in the nation!!! If you’re in DC, don’t get caught slipping.  For everyone else, GET FIT!  And REMEMBER supporting those around you is good for your health!…………

Fitness Coach Deanna Jefferson

“During my journey as a blogger, I’ve heard the name Deanna Jefferson more than a few times, so I decided to investigate. In promotion of my Passion Pamper Party, I developed a women’s empowerment social media campaign and included the fitness queen. She was so gracious and showed love by following my Instagram account back! That sealed the deal for me. She is someone who serves as inspiration to follow your passion, and she’s not too elitist or lofty to show love where she finds love.

That said, last week she posted a picture of her and two very handsome and fit fellows after one of her Nike Training Club sessions. As a joke, I commented “so when is your next class?” Well, she responded. (Because, why wouldn’t she?) And I felt a personal challenge to come out and not only scam on hot guys, but to support her and help her boost her numbers”

Support is so necessary when it comes to chasing a dream, and unless it’s backed by big business, the everyday people are the ones who make the difference– like each of you who read this blog! However, I had no idea what I was getting myself into.

NTC (Nike Training Club) for

What is NTC? NTC is a full body, functional training workout inspired by top Nike Athletes and designed by NTC Master Trainers. The accompanying mobile app helps athletes track their progress, stay motivated and train better.

I show up about 30 minutes early “on accident,” and there was already a line wrapped around the side of the building! I had no idea this class was so popular, but after all DC is the fittest city in the nation. I was in line with a guy from Canada and his Austrian friend– how cool is the diversity, right?! I get inside not knowing what to expect or exactly where to setup considering the first floor was already quite full, but I made a space somewhere toward the back of the room. I didn’t want to go upstairs because I knew I wanted to see the trainers and I didn’t want to be in front because I know I am out of shape. (Tell the truth and shame the devil! LOL)

Anywho, at 8 o’clock on the dot, Hot 99.5’s DJ Chris Styles begins cranking out the tunes and the first trainer, a guy named Chris puts on his headset and tells us to bounce from side-to-side like a boxer. FML. It’s on! 50 minutes of pure cross-body torture!

The first few exercises were things I felt comfortable doing, but definitely found myself tired quickly. Then Deanna hit the stage, smiling and bubbly, but totally deceptive. She’s pure evil! She had us doing things with our body I couldn’t even figure out the coordination to attempt. But I challenged myself. I gave every exercise a fair shot, even if it was only one rep as she counted down from 5 seconds. (Hey, judge your mother.) At the end of the intense stuff, she asked us to face our partner and sprint for 30 seconds. That was the push I needed. Staring into that strange mans face for 30 seconds, screaming from muscle fatigue and trying to remember to breathe and daring him to stop first felt soooo good!

During the cool down stretch, I felt so accomplished– so happy that I completed this rigorous program and tried something different. I came out to support someone who inspires me, so I feel like, in a small way, I’m also a part of her dream. And on top of all of that, I felt quite proud that I did it all for no more than the money I put in the meter.  Deanna and Nike Georgetown counted 325 participants last night, and I’m sure that number will continue to increase as I brought a friend with me last night and other people have asked me when I’m going back. It was a great way to socialize and meet cool new people without being cramped in a dark bar drinking empty calories.”

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