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The Jordan Davis Verdict is in – Justice?


On the day before what would have been the 19th birthday of Jordan Davis.  The Florida “loud-music” trial reached its verdict.

November 23, 2012,  Michael Dunn was parked next to a car full of four black teenagers.  The  youth were listening to “thug music” at a disturbing volume and were asked by Dunn to turn it down.  They turned the music down briefly and turned it right back up.  This led to a verbal dispute between the boys and Michael Dunn.  Dunn claims that the teenagers aimed a shotgun out of the window.  So, he responded firing 10 shots at the teenagers SUV killing Jordan Davis at age 17.

February 15, 2014, after a lengthy and controversial trial, Dunn was found guilty for three charges of second-degree murder.  Unfortunately, they were not able reach a verdict for the most significant charge, first-degree murder.

The stand your ground law has brought much controversy since the Trayvon Martin case, and this alarming conclusion has brought more attention to the question “Does our government provide justice for minorities? ”

What do you think?

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