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The Million Man March – An Open Discussion

As a love energy surrounds everyone in this downtown Washington, D.C. area, you can sense the power of unity. There is a power of people that came out to stand up for the same reasons.  Everyone was courteous to one another and respected the positivity of this moment in history.  Since the Million Man March was not shown on any popular media platforms, Mr. 1000 discusses his Million Man March experience with some of his bros….’Natural hair was in abundance, and beautiful women were in attendance with the same righteous, connected, and strong spirits as the men.’  “This day should be remembered and talked about. ”

Watch their video

Remember these KEYS TO POWER:

  1. Ask Questions
  2. Seek Answers
  3. Check Your Understanding (Research what you think you know)
  4. Share Your Knowledge


‘The interactions with new people and like-minds was one of the most powerful parts of this experience.  Now that you’ve seen and know so many people share the same pains, it’s should be harder to step back into your communities without making an impact. ‘ And that message is on 1000.

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