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What is your ‘spirituality type’ ?

“If you purify your soul of attachment to and desire for things, you will understand them spiritually. If you deny your appetite for them, you will enjoy their truth, understanding what is certain in them.” St. John of the Cross, Christian mystic and poet, 1542-1591

What is an object other than what you define it to be? A diamond is but a rock that we re-define as a jewel. A luxury is an item or experience that perspective defines as enhanced.

Have you ever looked into the reflection of brown eyes and black pupils then seen the meaning of life? It can be found in the reflection of yourself in the souls of beings with whom you share space and experience.  3487656Life’s meaning is defined from moment to moment in the graces of the omnipresence of the universe we share with all those we encounter. Happiness reveals itself in spiritual understanding and gratitude.  For the spirit does not comprehend the material, only the divine.  Man-made objects manipulate experiences but can’t define the quality of time measured in the rising and setting of the sun. You define the quality of your life based on how you perceive your share of the abundance.

What shall we attach ourselves to other than our divine mission and purpose to the unseen we worship in our daily actions? Not a religion, nor idol, nor book can define your destiny. You define that through your daily walk down the path that eyes have not seen nor ears heard. What faith can be found where both your work and your hell are defined and created by man-made society? Let war be fire and brimstone. Let drug addiction and murder be the apocalypse. Life is what you decide.

We get high to rise above the struggle. We get low to fly under the radar. We tread softly down the path of purpose, staying in our own lane, tight-roping down a line of hope–On the run from the status quo.

It is understood that liberty is belief and happiness is being while faith is seeing what others wouldn’t dare allow themselves to visualize.

What is a dream but a partially seen reality?

– John Harris III

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