“ARTrepreneur Academy and $3000 Microgrant Initiative”

Erace The Hate Launches ARTrepreneur Academy and $3000 Microgrant Initiative to Empower Miami Creatives

Erace The Hate is set to make a significant impact on Miami’s creative and entrepreneurial scene with the launch of the ARTrenpreneur Academy. Running from July 23rd to September 30th, the academy will offer essential training and $3000 in microgrants to deserving participants. This initiative is primed to set a new standard for creative and entrepreneurial excellence in the community.

From Concept to Reality: The Birth of the ARTrenpreneur Academy

Erace The Hate leader, Lyndon Gray, is no stranger when it comes to giving back to the community and inspiring those around him. Before the ARTrepreneur Academy came to life, Lyndon worked with underprivileged youth in Miami conducting a program ARTrepreneur 101, offering mentorship, professional development, and creative direction.

The original concept, “A Room Without Walls,” aimed to teach young creatives how to design their own businesses. As Lyndon worked with kids, he began to develop a network of professionals and realized his role as a resource for all creative entrepreneurs. This led to a growing community of entrepreneurs and artists. and the need to establish a standard of knowledge and education for those identifying as “ARTrepreneurs”.

The curriculum will be taught by industry professionals with years of experience, as well as fellow ARTrepreneurs, creating a community of like-minded individuals passionate about their craft.

“I’m teaching creative direction and photography, so I’m excited to show people an insight into my creative process, from concept to curation. I’m also excited to learn from my peers. When I was a kid, I used to make lesson plans for my mom, so this is like coming full circle. I feel like my main purpose is to be the representation I didn’t have when I was learning my craft.” – Christa OD Ingraham, ETH Creative Director

The Importance of Grants and Partnerships

Funding is often the missing link between dreams and reality. Lyndon recognized this and saw that many young professionals lacked the know-how to secure funding. Rather than just providing contacts, he decided to empower them with the knowledge to obtain resources independently. By introducing a grand prize in the form of a microgrant, Erace The Hate aims to support entrepreneurial initiatives and dreams.

“I realized that a grand prize was basically a microgrant, when we talk about giving away money to an entrepreneur to kick off one of their initiatives or something they’ve always dreamed of doing.” – Lyndon Gray

How to Qualify

To qualify for the microgrant, participants must attend and actively participate in eight activations between June 27th and September 30th. They must also apply the knowledge gained from the academy to create a form of media or an activation in partnership with Erace The Hate. The final activations will be judged to determine the grant recipients.

Why You Should Pull Up

The ARTrepreneur Academy is not just a program but a movement to empower Miami’s creatives and entrepreneurs. It cultivates a supportive community, providing the tools and resources needed for success. Don’t miss your chance to attend a session, learn essential skills, and potentially get your dreams funded with a microgrant. This is an opportunity to be part of something bigger—a community committed to excellence.

“The most important thing I want anybody to take away is a sense of community. I’m a Howard University Graduate, and the best part about attending an HBCU was being around other people who looked like you, thought like you, had dreams like you, and wanted to be as successful as you. If the ARTrepreneur Academy can create a community for these entrepreneurs where they feel like they have a space with other dedicated and motivated individuals, and they know this is a safe place for that, that’s a win.” – Lyndon Gray

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