What Should An ARTrepreneur Strive Towards? An Interview With Gerald Campbell

“Your purpose is not a job; it is using your passions to uplift the people around you,” is what the CEO of NovaSound said when asked about the inspirations and values underpinning his entrepreneurship. Founded in 2014 when he was only 18 years old, Gerald Campbell has worked towards solidifying NovaSound as the leading events and audio production business in the South.


When asked where his passion for music productions stems from, the Jamaican-descent entrepreneur spoke highly of the musical heritage of his family and its impact on his development. As a matter of fact, he claimed in the interview that he incubated the idea of a company like NovaSound when he was only 12 years of age. His musical interests during his childhood also shaped many of his inspirations, with the life and work of 50 cents having a particular impact on his worldview, inspiring him to become a committed entrepreneur himself.

“Your purpose is not a job; it is using your passions to uplift the people around you,”

Regarding questions surrounding the operations and processes behind NovaSound, Mr. G detailed how the company diversified over the years. Starting as a music production company focused on audio design and mixing, it has now expanded into different divisions that focus on different aspects of the musical arena. NovaSound Live, for instance, has its priorities set on event and stage management, while the technology division focuses on the instruments that go behind musical production.

The CEO was particularly eager about one division, NovaSound VIP, which, according to him, functions on the principles of “Inform. Organize. Invest.” This is the branch that enabled him to venture into helping various non-profits such as “Erace the Hate” and others.


Another extremely informative part of the interview was when Gerald took us through the thought process which goes behind decisions taken by NovaSound when it comes to their clients. The process involves looking at the particularities of the artist’s requirements and making clear the purpose that NovaSound can serve in that regard, the budget of the artist, and the corresponding services the company can provide to accommodate that budget.


“Inform. Organize. Invest.”

The interview also explored the personal side of his business growth. When asked about his dream project, Gerald spoke of producing an album with additional products that can be packaged in such a way that it integrates every aspect of his musical team. Furthermore, when asked about how the entrepreneurial experience changed him, he spoke of “tearing away his old self” and acquiring necessary leadership skills through experience that has enabled him to become a role model for his employees. This leadership comes with a compassion which he sees as integral to any successful business. 


The interview concluded on the same note as it began, with extreme optimism highlighting how Gerald prioritizes his well-being through basketball and socialization involving jamming and creativity. His love for basketball highlighted his commitment to the African-American community, seeing it- and music- as primary vehicles for their uplifting. This uplifting, rooted in a deep compassion for the people and their struggles, underscores Gerald Campbell’s success, who continues to grow his business as a significant force in a musical production that serves the commun

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