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Lin-Manuel Miranda Saving Puerto Rico With Words

Lin-Manuel Miranda is a composer, librettist, actor and the creator of “Hamilton” and “In the Heights.”

Miranda has a fascination with Alexander Hamilton’s ability to express difficult circumstances with words.  This has inspired him to use his craft to make a global statement for Puerto Rico.  Some may not have understood the impact of his most recent grammy performance.  Read his declaration and grow a greater appreciation for how the arts can ignite change.

Read Lin-Manuel Miranda full letter here Lin-Manuel Miranda: Give Puerto Rico Its Chance to Thrive

Video From Lin-Manuel | Alexander Hamilton 2016 Grammy’s


More than 150 schools on the island have closed. San Jorge Children’s Hospital, Puerto Rico’s largest pediatric hospital, has been forced to close two wings and 40 rooms, and cannot afford to hire the nurses it needs. It’s estimated that a doctor a day leaves the island. Engineers, accountants, blue-collar workers and entire families are emigrating daily. According to the census, Puerto Rico has lost 9 percent of its population in the last decade, with 84,000 leaving last year alone.

What Puerto Rico needs, as a first step, is what almost any other company or government has — the ability to restructure its debt. Congress can make that happen. The island is in danger of defaulting on some of its larger loans and it is already being sued by creditors. An act of Congress in support of restructuring would help bring creditors to the table to develop a workable plan that could satisfy debtholders and relieve the punishment of the people of Puerto Rico.

Did you know Puerto Rico was US Territory? Puerto Rico is currently facing a budget shortage and impending default on its $78 billion debt which is equal to about 68 percent of the island’s gross domestic product, thwarts efforts for economic development.

Lin-Manuel Miranda performed some of his broadway hits for President Barack Obama.  He didn’t hesitate to share his concerns about his country with the president.  Miranda is passionate about bringing awareness and support to Puerto Rico, and this tenacity is why Fortune name his one of the world’s greatest leaders.

Read Lin-Manuel Miranda full letter here Lin-Manuel Miranda: Give Puerto Rico Its Chance to Thrive



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