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Happy Thanksgiving!!! Team One Thou Eracists | Feed The Homeless Where We Can Tour

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What does “the Olot” stand for?
It’s short for One Love One Thousand.

How long have you been philanthropic?
Since I was younger. I used to go to work with my mom in the department of treasurey. One day she gave me a dollar to give to the homeless, and that has stuck with me.  The idea to spread love has moved into every fabric of my work.

How does OneLoveOneThou Erace the hate?
(As he looks for his wristglow) Recognizing that our generation needs change.  Not just mike brown, not just race but as a community to push each other to do more.  Use the power of networking…. To build a community.  It’s more important for people to put their word to action.  What we’re trying to do is more important than likes.  It’s important to surround yourself around people who have their own businesses.

What does being an Eracist mean to you? is somewhere I can reflect to get inspiration. It’s positive. It’s almost parallel to our responsibility to the community here in the dMV.

What makes unique?
Passion. Drive. The hands on. The willingness to help without expecting profit. Dedication and willingness to network.

How does the Olot bridge those networking gaps?

We promote. Advertisements. Pushing our brands and well as pushing yours.  The olot is bringing everyone’s network together. Being on one accord.  I started saying one thousand as a child.  It was a sign of greatness, truth …passion.  For whatever you do you can’t go half way you have to go 1000% …

I’m focused on supporting the community.  I wanted to get more people involved.  The main goal for the Feed The Homeless event was to get $250 on food & $250 on clothes.

What has the community’s response been?
I am surprised about how many people were actually willing to donate before they even knew what it was about.
We’re gonna build on each event … Support the businesses, support up and coming artists.  It is key that people realize, if we support each other not only for self , it will help others to grow as well.

I encourage all to be a part.  Signup at

Eracist, entrepreneur, the SoBossy Queen, Bria J  joined Team 1000 in their feed the homeless initiative.  Check out the video and read her response.

The packs were filled with personal toiletries as well as foods that could be saved to eat later. A lot of the people that received packs actually appreciated the tooth brushes & mouthwash more because of how hard it is to come by.

Being a part of an event such as this was heart warming. It felt so good to have a hand in changing the attitude & emotions on the streets of DC. When we approached the people out in the parks and shelters they got excited. They were happy. They opened up to us about what they were going through & it made me feel more of a part of the Community I live in. I felt like we all bonded on Sunday. We came together & it’s no better feeling.

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