02 Jul 2014

When You’re Sensitive Like Me

It’s a relief to get a bit of silence. To take a break from all the stupid annoyances that you wish didn’t bother you so much. A new pet peeve is added to your list each day, and you can’t even watch the news without losing all hope for humanity. I remember

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08 Apr 2014

It’s Okay To Be Amazing

I went home for spring break to say good-bye to a dear family member. A beautiful soul and cousin who was taken by breast cancer less than a month ago. I wish you could have met her. I wish she’d written a book on how to live your dreams. Start

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03 Apr 2014

An Extreme Case Of Inspiration

Sometimes it takes a good talk with dad watching the sun set in Bimini. It takes the wind crashing into my shirt while my arms are wide open like I’m waiting for God to carry me home. And I’m standing there with my dad just talking about entrepreneurship. I’m asking

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