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Bomani Jones, The Internet’s Greatest Troll

Bomani Jones wore his “Caucasian Tee” on ESPN Mike & Mike yesterday morning.  Some have had laughs and there are probably some people who are looking into the “deeper meaning” behind his shirt.  There isn’t one.  Although, it was designed to expose those who think that there is.  Next time his shirt will say Eracists lol.

Don’t think about it too much *Drake Voice*

Check out this article we found from Very Smart Brothas. For those of you who are unfamiliar with the real meaning of trolling, here it is.

“Although calling Bomani Jones the Internet’s greatest troll — which is how EBONY’s Jamilah Lemieux introduced him to me through an email a couple years ago — might seem like an insult, it’s not. It’s actually a compliment. Because there are two types of trolling. The first kind is the most common and also happens to be the one (rightly) thought of in a negative manner. It entails a person inserting themselves into an argument to either derail the conversation or insult the people having the conversation. Although these people often think of themselves as anarchists and entertaining, they’re usually just boring, redundant, and occasionally hateful idiots. Ultimately, it’s the Internet equivalent of an atomic wedgie.”

Bomani Jones

“The second type of troll involves doing or saying something the person knows will both anger idiots and, most importantly, expose the anger — and the thought process behind the anger — as fruitless and/or illogical and/or hypocritical. Instead of spouting and spreading stupidity (which is what the common troll does) this type of trolling reveals it. Strips it of its clothing and allows everyone to see it bare-assed. Bomani Jones is great at this. His Twitter feed is a virtual how-to-manual for exposing, antagonizing, and making fun of the type of people who desperately need to be exposed, antagonized, and made fun of. (Adding insult to their injury is that, sometimes, these people don’t even realize they’re being exposed, antagonized, and made fun of.) And often these are people with witless, unconversant, and even dangerous views about race and racism.”


More at Very Smart Brothas Website

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