20 Jun 2015


Today is the day!  Post your 15 sec video stating how you make a positive impact on the world and your community.   After you complete this challenge, challenge your peers to share their Peace. Use the hashtag #p2tpchallenge. Check out these examples!  Peace and Love.   To find out

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15 Jun 2015

We Power Two The Peaceful Challenge YOU!!!

June 20th we want to get as many people as possible to post a video stating how they stand for peace and positivity.   “I Your Name bring peace and positivity to my community by ________.  And I Power Two The Peaceful Challenge  Name some friends !!!   Remember that “like the

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12 Jun 2015

Rachel Dolezal Is Embarrased To Be White #AskRachel

Rachel Dolezal may not be embarrassed to be white, but she feels she has a connection to the black community.  It seems odd that she is confused about whether or not she African-American.  The truth is, Rachel has an affinity for the state of the black and minority America.  Let’s

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12 Jun 2015

Welcome Axel Sierra to the Erace The Hate Ambassador Team

Hailing from The Motivational Edge!  Thank you Axel for helping us spread the peace. Axel Sierra, 17 University of Miami Miami, FL   Instagram: xelarts instagram.com/xelarts Facebook: Xel Arts facebook.com/xelarts Tumblr: XelArts xelarts.tumblr.com Twitter: XelArts twitter.com/xelarts   Eyes don’t like me because what they see isn’t the full picture. I

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08 Jun 2015

Louis Farrakhan On Power 105 | #PowerTwoThePeaceful

Just. watch. Louis Farrakhan, has taken a much necessary approach to expressing unity in the black community. Put the responsibility in the hands of the media moguls that are leading the people.  I really love this interview from The Breakfast Club with DJ Envy, Angela Yee and Charlamagne Tha God. #Power105 #PowerTwoThePeaceful

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21 May 2015

Music and Media Make The Revolution Attractive

I was reading this week’s Motivated Monday and saw the video for “No Church In The Wild” by Kanye West and Jay-Z used a reference for the message.  This was my first time watching this video, and it shocked me how the imagery in the video resembled the “riots” in

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09 May 2015

Sauce Remix | United Streets of America Tour

“The love of God is the only solution to the growing pain we see and feel across the land, and it’s time for change…join us as we promote peace, love, and unity.  You’ll find us in urban neighborhoods – project housing, street corners, and parking lots throughout the city.  ”

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07 May 2015

Erace The Hate and Nova Sound Release #P2TP Animation

Erace The Hate and Nova Sound have taken the Power Two The Peaceful production to a whole…nother…level.  On Sunday, they released the animation that will circulate throughout the rest of the campaign.  Full Sail University graduates, Chris Dykes and Gerald Campbell, have demonstrated their expertise to create this new signature.

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26 Apr 2015

WATCH!!! Obama Reveals his “Buck-et” List @ 2015 #WHCD

April 25, 2015 – President Barack Obama delivered his seventh speech to the White House Correspondents’ Association Saturday night. After a short montage parodying his interviews with BuzzFeed and YouTube stars, the president launched into his annual stand-up set. “Welcome to the fourth quarter of my presidency,” Obama said, adding

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25 Apr 2015

Reesa Renee “Invisible”

The biggest advantage to writing and making music is the opportunity for self-expression.  For most artists, the music is personal therapy.  Some things are just easier said in song. Reesa Renee had more pain to reelease in her newest song “Invisible”.  In 2007, she lost friends, Vernard Whitfield and Alycia Polzine,

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