16 Apr 2015

Authentic Reflection | Love Is Priceless

“Money…Some people so poor; all that they’ve got is money…Oh, and diamonds…Some people waste their life counting their thousands…I don’t care what they’re offering…How much gold they bring? They can’t afford what we got, not even the king.” ~ Alicia Keys Money is just numbers and love is priceless. 15

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12 Apr 2015

“I Represent World Peace” | Dizzy Wright

” “You just don’t become a leader in one year. You’re prepped for it. When you’re at your lowest—but you got that faith—that gives you motivation. And when you have that motivation, that’s what makes you a leader,” says Las Vegas native Dizzy Wright. Beyond his years at 22, Dizzy

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09 Mar 2015

Friendly Reminder | Love Is In Everybody

Take a look at this video and let it be your warm fuzzy moment for the day.  Deep down inside we are crafted the same.  Love is in everybody, respect one another.  #PowerTwoThePeaceful

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24 Feb 2015

Erace The Hate Launches Power 2 The Peaceful Campaign

On February 4, 2015 the Erace The Hate community launched their first nationwide campaign titled “Power to the Peaceful” (P2TP). With this campaign we seek to capture innovative college students through leadership, youth empowerment, technology and arts & entertainment. Spreading awareness throughout college campuses worldwide, we want to educate as

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09 Feb 2015

Reggie Dee is Walking 1300 Miles From Texas To Florida

“Walk With Me Against Racism” Reggie Dee of x102.3 has begun his 1300 mile walk from Dallas, Texas to West Palm Beach, Florida.  This kind of reminds me of Forrest Gump’s sporadic walk across the United States.  In honor of his mother, Reggie has decided to walk for the people.

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30 Jan 2015

Debunking stereotypes through global citizenship | Jabari Smith

Having traveled to 19 countries thus far, Jabari Smith re-located to Nairobi in June of 2013 as a member of The Amani Institute’s founding class where he undertook Advanced Social Entrepreneurship & Social Innovation studies. Upon deciding to extend his stay in Kenya beyond an initial two-month plan, Jabari stepped

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22 Jan 2015

Rallo Boykins Is In Love With The Cocoa | Positive Parody

“Cocoa Butter. I got cocoa butter!!” “Me ashy that’s a No No!!” Rallo Boykins, Cocoa Butter enthusiast makes it clear he was in love with the cocoa FIRST.  It’s been a minute since Rallo has released a parody, but this one is on point!  The radio heavy song by O.T.

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19 Jan 2015

Annual MLK Peace Walk in Washington D.C

Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. changed lives with his uncompromising vision of equality, justice, and peace. This morning people from all over Washington, D.C. came out to celebrate the Life and legacy of Dr Martin Luther King Jr. The annual MLK Holiday Parade and Peace-Walk took place along Martin Luther

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27 Nov 2014

Happy Thanksgiving!!! Team One Thou Eracists | Feed The Homeless Where We Can Tour

THE OLOT  What does “the Olot” stand for? It’s short for One Love One Thousand. How long have you been philanthropic? Since I was younger. I used to go to work with my mom in the department of treasurey. One day she gave me a dollar to give to the

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26 Nov 2014

“GO”! Leaders breed Leaders | Sauce Remix Releases “Go”t

Just this week, Kansas City Hip-Hop activist, Sauce Remix has released his newest video entitled “Go”.  This video’s got great visuals and and an even greater message.  AND OF COURSE he’s rockin’ his wristglow and Power To The Peaceful exclusive tee.!   #SoulFood2 is a FREE project that digs into

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