11 Jan 2020

Miami Rescue Mission meets The Eracists New Episode Behind The ART

Erace The Hate’s key members Lyndon Marcano ‘Sax’ Gray, Gerald ‘Nova Sound’ Campbell, and Langston Gray sat down to discuss the mobilization of the ARTrepreneur program with the Miami Rescue Mission. In efforts to increase social empowerment, the ARTrepreneur program uses professional content creation to inspire and mentor youth. Eracism

06 Jan 2017

Mr. Hot Wheelz Inspires the Talented and Handicapped

Mr. Hot Wheelz Hip Hop Inspirational Teen Emcee Alex Silva aka “Mr. Hot Wheelz” is a senior at Miami Jackson High School in Miami Florida.  Alex was diagnosed with spina bifida, and he has been in a wheel chair since 3 years old.  Growing up with this condition has taught Mr.

25 Jul 2016

Senseless Killing Calls For The Power of Forgiveness with Steve Harvey

The past few weeks have definitely put the police in a badlight.  Police shaming has led to amyriad of senseless killing that NEEDS to end. This couldn’t be any more perfect timing for Steve Harvey’s “ThePower of Forgiveness” segment (aired 7/18/16). The first story in the segment signifies the importance

28 Jun 2016

The NFL Donated $10M to Create Initiatives to Prevent Sexual Abuse

NFL donates $10M to help put an end to sexual violence

27 Jun 2016

The Motivational Edge is Ending Gun Violence With Music

Artists can use various forms of media to provide a strong collective “voice” to call for an end to violence in the community. Music, and the arts are powerful tools in challenging stereotypes, changing perceptions and behavior. Due to their popular appeal and creative forms of expression, the messages conveyed

10 Nov 2015

Hemp Lade in My Cup : Interview with Young Yudah

Young Yudah introduced his selection of ‘hemp-licious’ snacks in this week’s episode of Twosdays.  Hemp Buzz Mix and Hemp Lade are brought to you “straight from the cosmos”.  Young Yudah offers his product as a supplement for unhealthy snacks.  Enjoy Hemp Buzz Mix to satisfy your appetite, increase energy levels,

26 Oct 2015

How To Treat A Lady – A Quick Lesson In Courtesy

“I’ve read many correct and incorrect theories about this photo, so let’s set the record straight on what is actually correct so that we can ensure that we always teach our young men properly. First, the man should always be the one walking closest to the street when accompanying a

22 Oct 2015

iOS Update with Emoji Including The Middle Finger

“The middle finger gesture is probably the most-desired among users – Emojipedia noted it has been the #1 emoji on its site for the past 12 months.” Unicode Consortium is used to determine the standards for emojis.  With that said, Apple is trying to keep consistent with these standards.  So,

17 Oct 2015

5 Ways To Improve Your Quality Of Life

If you raise your standards in these 5 areas, you dramatically improve your life: 1. Health. Have you ever said, “This is going to be the year I get in the best health of my life”? If not, this is the year to do it. Improve your health and becoming

30 Sep 2015

Alishia LaPorte Inspires Women With Her New Book

Alishia LaPorte Inspires Women With Her New Book and Empowerment Coaching St. Louis native, Alishia has been inspiring women to believe they have the power to create the life they desire.  She started with an attempt to earn an extra $500 amonth to relieve her family’s financial pressure, and it’s led