Comets For Erace The Hate


Missouri’s elite indoor soccer team, The Comets, has decided to carry the Erace The Hate message with them wherever they go!  Leo Gibson (Team Captain) was introduced to the brand by the owner of the team Steve Likens.  Steve Likens saw President Poupon’s father wearing a wrist glow at business meeting.  Now, the whole team has joined our League of Extraordinary Dreamers!

After speaking with Leo Gibson, he informed us of his excitement for the brand because of the energy given just in the exchange of a wristglow.

Gibson is the owner of the non-profit organization, Kick For Christ.  Kick for Christ collects clothing and sporting gear to send back to his home country, Liberia.

“Imagine growing up in a world where the items we take for granted like decent clothing, shoes, and recreational items such as soccer balls, basketballs, and tennis ball are very difficult to come by.”

Learn more about Leo Gibson’s non-profit initiatives at www.kickforchrist.org

Follow the Missouri Comets at  http://www.cometsindoorsoccer.com


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