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Dear White People | The Devil’s In The Details

I posted to snapchat asking one of my ‘white’ friends to join me in seeing Dear White People. – I’m sure this caught a lot of people off guard, especially since not too many people know about the movie. – After a few confused looks and polite declines, an open-minded Zach decided to check it out with me…

I was late, you were the only white guy in the theatre? How’d u feel?

Zach:  There were a couple laughing points early on.  “Am I ok to laugh? If I laugh first, does that make me racist?

Did you feel like the movie was made specifically for white people or black people?

The trailer makes it seem like it’s geared towards black people.  “But the movie as a whole is really geared towards humanity. ”

What would you say was the message in the movie?

Be aware.  “Racism is a volatile issue…We are all humans. We deal with love, hurt, pain, and frustrations.  Just because our skin color is different, that doesn’t make the emotions any different.”

Thanks for joining the Eracist league, what would you say is something we could start practicing as people towards a more Eracist society?

Zach: Remain positive and peaceful.  Practice being observant.  “The devil’s in the details”

Sam, Tessa Thompson, ended the movie with a peaceful resolve. The race issue within our communities begins with a lack of understanding. We must educate ourselves of other races, cultures, and make decisions out of respect for all humanity. And most importantly,

“Hate can not drive out Hate. Only love can do that” – Martin Luther King jr

Peace. Love. And Positivity

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