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“GO”! Leaders breed Leaders | Sauce Remix Releases “Go”t

Just this week, Kansas City Hip-Hop activist, Sauce Remix has released his newest video entitled “Go”.  This video’s got great visuals and and an even greater message.  AND OF COURSE he’s rockin’ his wristglow and Power To The Peaceful exclusive tee.!


#SoulFood2 is a FREE project that digs into the heart of Sauce’s view, lane and the work he does in his community. While being an activist and social entrepreneur, he mixes it with hope, African/Black history, and empowerment for oppressed people groups.  Inspired by culture of the 60s/70s blended, this project includes samples that even your mother would love.  SoulFood 2 has the heartbeat of the civil rights movements.  Sauce encourages positive black male images while using all styles of literary techniques.  SoulFood 2 shares inspiring topics that would make the average person stand on the front-line for God and be active in his/her community.


Who is Sauce?


You’ve heard him on Pastor AD3′s Billboard charting album “No Pain, No Love” (Bag Em’), Bumps INF’s “Who Is Mark James?” (Vol.1 & 2), Dillon Chases’ “Weak” (No Sir). You’ve seen him share stages with Lecrae, Yaves, JSON, Thisl, Natalie Lauren, Bizzle and heard him on songs with K-Drama, Dillon Chase, Derek Minor & more.  His Billboard charting debut album “ONE” featured Sho Baraka and Chris Cobbins.  Now, after the success of his groundbreaking mixtapes “Bible on My Side” & “Soul Food”, he’s back with his 6th release “#SoulFood2”.


#SoulFood2 drops on Thanksgiving 2014 and features: Bumps INF, Jus B (Shock Muzik), Craig Smith (featured on Tech N9ne’s “Collabos: Sickology 101/Gates Mixed Plate” & “Lost Scripts of KOD”) & more. 


Hear a sample here: 


Eat up!

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