Midtown Community Services has partnered with Erace the Hate to bring new and exciting programming to youth in the community.  This edition of ARTrepreneur 101 will teach students about video journalism including what happens on and off camera. At the end of the course, students will have created their own Midtown News Program captured on video. 


  1. Show Prep Use the worksheet we provided below to outline your topcs
  2. Pick A Spot Decide a location where you would like to film your news segment.  Make sure it is well lit, and very little background noise.
  3. Dress The Part Dress up as a news reporter.  Don’t hesitate to ask Mom and/or Dad to contribute to your fashion sense. After all, this is your news media debut!
  4. Action! Prop your tablet or phone in a position where it can see you and your background. (Hold the device horizontally, for the best picture quality.  Ready, Set, Action!!! Record your news segment.


Submit your videos via text to Dylan Naylor or email info@eracethehate.com