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“My Ni***. My ..?” – X the N-word or nah?

YG’s song frankly titled “My N####” is, what I like to call, a banger. I like it. I vibe to it and I am known to call my good buddies “n####” every now and then. However, there’s been much debate and discussion on eliminating the word. In fact, the NFL is in discussion about applying a 15-yard “unsportsmanlike-conduct” penalty for players who use the N-word during games and the NYC city council has banned it altogether. I’m not saying I can’t live without the word, but who gets to decide what you can call your counterparts, your enemies or whoever for that matter?  For reasons pertaining to racial slurs I simply say, you are what you think you are, NOT what others call you. What do you think? Should we X the “N-word”?

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Check out this post on the subject.


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