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In 2015, Erace The Hate ARTrepreneurs, Lyndon ‘Marcano Sax’ Gray and Gerald ‘Nova Sound’ traveled to Allapattah and used their musical talents to inspire High School Students at the Motivational Edge. Marcano Sax was invited by the organization to share the message of Erace The Hate.  This connection led to an impactful relationship between Erace The Hate and The Motivational Edge.  On behalf of Erace The Hate, Marcano Sax participated in the Lyrical Expression program with The Motivational Edge, and he documented the successes of the programming.

Lyrical Expression is a teaching style that seeks to help young adults discover, develop, and express their unique talents. The goal of the Lyrical Expression program is to teach students how to use their talents to navigate through life’s challenges and be successful in academics, athletics and careers.

The curriculum includes:
  • A focus on developing self-awareness through journaling, reflection and discussion groups;
  • Instruction in writing poetry (lyrical expression) as well as other forms of creative expression such as painting or drawing;
  • Training in public speaking skills using various media formats such as podcasts or YouTube videos;
  • Opportunities for practicing leadership skills by organizing events for other members within our community (charity drives etc.).

The Motivational Edge provides under-served children with the opportunity to express their talents and learn from mentors in a safe environment. The program offers lessons in song writing, performing and motivational workshops on topics such as leadership development, bullying prevention, healthy relationships, financial literacy and career planning.

With over 1 million children currently in foster care across America at any given time (U.S Department of Health & Human Services), the Motivational Edge seeks out talented young people who have experienced trauma or instability in their lives; providing them with mentorship opportunities through music education programs like these
Lyndon 'Marcano Sax' Gray
Gerald 'Nova Sound' Campbell, Lyndon 'Marcano Sax' Gray
The Motivational Edge