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Like-Minded Mission

Our very own Vice President of Marketing and Sales Langston Gray was the featured guest on the final episode of season two of Keenan & Cam: The Podcast. The episode titled “PHANTASMAGORIC”, debuted on Wednesday, April 11 on both Apple Music and Soundcloud. The three sat down and talked about race relations in the United States, various stories about Erace The Hate and Eracism and current events.

Langston first told the story about the founding of Erace The Hate in 2008 from his perspective as being the younger brother of our founder, Lyndon Gray. He then got to share about our mission: promote peace, love, and positivity with the goal for everyone to live as one people, one race. The podcast even touched on domestic violence, that was highlighted by the recent altercation between rapper Fabolous and his girlfriend Emily B. in February 2018.

Being on Keenan & Cam was an amazing and positive experience and we thank them for the opportunity. Erace The Hate seeks out individuals who promote peace and positivity in their community and give them a platform to show that. Keenan and Cam have a similar mission with the slogan: Giving the People a Platform. Their podcast exemplifies Keenan and Cam’s extremely creative minds and their desire to promote people who would potentially be unheard.

Keenan & Cam: The Podcast is made up of two creative minds, Keenan and Cam, who host their podcast every week. You can listen to the special episode on Apple Music Podcasts and Soundcloud. You can download the featured podcast on Apple Music here and Soundcloud here. Season 3 of their podcast is set to premier any day now so keep an eye on their social media and give them some love!

Twitter: @KeenanandCam | Instagram: @keenanandcampodcast | Facebook: @KeenanandCamPodcast

Stay tuned. Stay positive. Stay peaceful.

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