Finding The Right Organizational Partner

Mission Alignment: The first and foremost criterion is alignment with Erace The Hate’s mission, which revolves around promoting positivity and combating hate through media. Potential partner organizations should share a similar commitment to these values, ensuring that collaboration is purposeful and impactful.

Needs Assessment: Erace The Hate conducts a thorough needs assessment to identify organizations that could benefit most from their support. This involves researching and understanding the challenges and goals of different mission-based organizations to determine where their expertise can make a difference.

Willingness to Collaborate: A crucial aspect of partnership is the willingness of the chosen organization to collaborate. Erace The Hate looks for partners who are open to working together and allowing our ARTrepreneur team to use their projects as a portfolio builder. This openness to collaboration is essential for the success of the partnership.

Community Impact: The non-profit media company also considers the potential impact of the collaboration on the community served by the partner organization. The goal is to select organizations where Erace The Hate’s media initiatives can bring about positive change and contribute to community and global awareness.


Erace The Hate’s primary focus is on finding organizational partners that share their mission of promoting positivity and combating hate through media, guaranteeing that their collaborative efforts have a common purpose.

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Ethical Considerations: Erace The Hate places a strong emphasis on ethics and integrity. They ensure that the partner organizations share these values and are committed to upholding ethical standards in their work.

Long-Term Vision: Erace The Hate seeks partners who share a long-term vision for creating lasting positive change. This ensures that the collaboration is not just a short-term project but a sustained effort to promote unity and understanding through media.

Capacity Building: The organization assesses the potential for its ARTrepreneur team to gain valuable experience and build their portfolio through the partnership. This includes evaluating the nature of the projects that can be undertaken and their potential for artistic and professional growth.

Community Engagement: Erace The Hate also considers the partner organization’s ability to engage with the community effectively. This includes assessing their existing outreach programs and how media initiatives can enhance their community engagement efforts.

Collaboration is at the heart of Erace The Hate’s partnerships, and they seek organizations open to working together and allowing their ARTrepreneur team to use projects as portfolio builders, recognizing that this openness is key to successful collaboration.

In summary, Erace The Hate employs a thoughtful and purpose-driven approach to find the right organization partners. They prioritize mission alignment, willingness to collaborate, community impact, ethics, long-term vision, capacity building, and community engagement in their selection process, ensuring that their media initiatives can make a meaningful contribution to eradicating hate and promoting positive change in society.

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